Special Academic Support

Special Academic Support

The criterion for acceptance into ISC-Cairo is a willingness to put in the effort to achieve full potential, not high “innate” ability. Placement into a grade level is determined by academic attainment, with age acting as a limiting factor. Students applying to enter Grade 2 and above take diagnostic tests to determine accurate placement.

Students who are found to be behind academically are rarely refused. Instead, they are offered one of several different solutions, depending on their academic needs. These may be:

Summer School*: A summer course that may last up to six-week is offered during the summer holiday. Students who are academically below the required standard can attend this course and often make up for academic gaps.

Extra Lessons*: A student found to be weak in one subject attends extra periods in that subject until the level of the class is reached.

Intensive Classes: Students are given accelerated programs intended to prepare them to join the regular classes. In many cases, Intensive Classes students would finish the essential work of two scholastic years in one.

*For information about the additional cost of these sessions, kindly discuss with the school administration.

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